zaterdag 25 september 2010


leadership style has a strong influence on the extent to which employees feel respected , also accept responsibility , to seek it for solutions and so on. There are styles of leadership this promote styles that this discourage .

Each manager has a leadership style , a style that him most attracts . By understanding your own leadership style , you not only learn what effect you apply to your employees but also how you style can change . There are styles of leadership:

1 . command style

The supervisor tells how and where the employee the tasks to perform . This is clearly a form of one-way. The manager communicates to the employee .

2 . The convincing style

The supervisor provides direction to and remains the performance of duties closely monitor , but tries a ( limited) two-way to achieve. The manager explains decisions , solicits suggestions and motivates the employee by the intentions to show.

3 . Participatory style

The supervisor encourages and supports employees in the exercise of their duties by them as much space, information and responsibility. Problems are solved and decisions are taken after consultation.

4 . The delegation style

The manager gives the purpose or desired result of the task , but staff must independently fulfill. The employee behind picks up the problems and solutions of these problems .

There is not a leadership style that under all circumstances is right . Often you work with a variety of genres. The easier ( flexible) you can switch between the four leadership styles , the better.

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